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Blockchain for Business 2019
January 29, 2019 - PACKT

Your one-stop guide to blockchain technology and its business applications Key Features * Assimilate blockchain services such as Ethereum and Hyperledger to transform industrial applications * Know in and out of blockchain technology to understand various business use cases *...

SAP Business Intelligence Quick Start Guide
February 27, 2019 - PACKT

Designing and deploying solutions using the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.2. Key Features * Get up and running with the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform * Perform effective data analysis and visualization for actionable insights * Enhance your...

Business Process Reengineering: An ICT Approach
March 1, 2019 - CRC

This volume shows how ICT (information and communications technology) can play the role of a driver of business process reengineering (BPR). ICT can aid in enabling improvement in BPR activity cycles as it provides many components that enhance performance that can lead to competitive...

Hands-On Business Intelligence with Qlik Sense
February 28, 2019 - PACKT

Create dynamic dashboards to bring interactive data visualization to your enterprise using Qlik Sense Key Features * Implement various Qlik Sense features to create interactive dashboards * Analyze data easily and make business decisions faster using Qlik Sense * Perform self-service data...

Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Business
February 21, 2019 - CRC

The natural gas business consists of two major aspects, sourcing and transportation, and distribution has been a growing area of interest to industry, government and academia. With the emphasis on promoting natural gas sector, there is an increasing need to have a well documented book that...

Business Process Modeling, Simulation and Design
December 11, 2018 - CRC

Business Process Modeling, Simulation and Design, Third Edition provides students with a comprehensive coverage of a range of analytical tools used to model, analyze, understand, and ultimately design business processes. The new edition of this very successful textbook includes a wide...

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise
December 19, 2018 - PACKT

"Implement Business Central and explore methods to upgrade to NAV 2018Key Features *Learn the key roles of Dynamics NAV partner and the roles within your customer's organization *Create configuration packages and perform data migration *Explore Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central...

August 1, 2018 - NPFC

Use/Relationship: This report enables the contractor to periodically report to the DoD Service/Agency their small business utilization achievements in awarding meaningful and innovative work to small businesses. This DID contains the format, content, and intended use of information...

The Business of Mining: Mineral Project Valuation
December 20, 2018 - CRC

The Business of Mining complete set of three Focus books will provide readers with a holistic all-embracing appraisal of the analytical tools available for assessing the economic viability of prospective mines. Each volume has a discrete focus. This second volume discusses, in some depth,...

Project Business Management
July 17, 2018 - CRC

Roughly half of all project managers have to lead customer projects as profit centers on contractor side with two big objectives: making the customer happy and bringing money home. Customer projects are a high-risk business on both sides, customers and contractors, but the dynamics of this...

August 31, 2018 - DOD

Purpose: In accordance with the authorities in DoD Directives 5134.01, 5144.02, 5105.82, 5105.53, the July 11, 2014 Deputy Secretary of Defense Memorandum, and DoD Directive 5000.01 this issuance: • Establishes policy for the use of the business capability acquisition cycle (BCAC) for...

BS PAS 1000 - Business agility. Concept and framework. Guide
January 31, 2019 - BSI
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Handbook of e-Business Security
July 19, 2018 - CRC

There are a lot of e-business security concerns. Knowing about e-business security issues will likely help overcome them. Keep in mind, companies that have control over their e-business are likely to prosper most. In other words, setting up and maintaining a secure...

The Emerging Technology of Big Data: Its Impact as a Tool for ICT Development
April 5, 2019 - CRC

Big Data is now highly regarded and accepted as a useful tool to help organizations manage their data and information effectively and efficiently. This new volume, The Emerging Technology of Big Data: Its Impact as a Tool for ICT Development, looks at the new technology that has emerged to meet the...