AWWA B510 - Carbon Dioxide
January 20, 2018 - AWWA

This standard describes carbon dioxide (CO2) for use in recarbonation and pH adjustment in the treatment of potable water, wastewater, and reclaimed water. Purpose The purpose of this standard is to provide minimum requirements for carbon dioxide, including physical,...

December 1, 1991 - FORD

1. SCOPE: The material defined by this Standard is carbon dioxide in either the solid (dry ice) or liquid form.

December 1, 1991 - FORD

1. SCOPE: The material defined by this Standard is carbon dioxide in either the solid (dry ice) or liquid form.

CGA G-6 - Carbon Dioxide
January 1, 2009 - CGA/GAS

The scope includes the physical and chemical properties, physiology, toxicity, special hazards, production, regulations, storage, handling, and applications of carbon dioxide.

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
January 1, 2005 - WILEY

Recently, supercritical fluids have emerged as more sustainable alternatives for the organic solvents often used in polymer processes. This is the first book emphasizing the potential of supercritical carbon dioxide for polymer processes from an engineering point of view. It develops...

SAE AS6011 - Cylinders, Carbon Dioxide Filled, Technical
April 1, 1999 - SAE

SCOPE: Scope: This specification covers the requirements for the procurement of three types of puncturable-seal carbon dioxide filled cylinders. Classification: The carbon dioxide filled cylinders shall be furnished in the following types, as specified (see 6.1 and 6.2):...

GME B 040 1190 - Carbon dioxide
July 12, 2013 - GME

Application: As shielding gas for laser cutting and welding operations

GME B 040 0371 - Carbon Dioxide
September 25, 1991 - GME
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DNVGL-RP-J203 - Geological storage of carbon dioxide
June 1, 2017 - DNVGL

General The main objective of this recommended practice (RP) is to provide a systematic approach to the selection, qualification and management of geological storage sites for carbon dioxide (CO2). This RP specifies what, in DNV GL's opinion, is the best industry practice for that...

Carbon Dioxide Angiography: Principles, Techniques, and Practices
July 17, 2007 - CRC

Preface The main objective of writing this book was to present to radiologists and other physicians and health care providers the necessary information for the safe, effective performance of carbon dioxide angiography. With the use of carbon dioxide images and diagrams,...

CGA G-6.3 - Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Filling and Handling Procedures
January 1, 2013 - CGA/GAS

The scope of this publication includes the inspection, filling, handling, labeling, and shipping of uninsulated carbon dioxide cylinders, and the preparation of shipping papers. The filling procedure outlined in 8.5 may not apply to DOT 39 uninsulated cylinders. Filling of...

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Related Technologies
January 1, 2011 - WILEY

Carbon dioxide sequestration is a technology that is being explored to curb the anthropogenic emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide has been implicated in the global climate change and reducing them is a potential solution. The injection of carbon...

ULC CAN-S503 - Standard for Carbon-Dioxide Fire Extinguishers
February 28, 2005 - ULC

These requirements cover the construction and performance, exclusive of performance during fire tests, of portable carbon-dioxide fire extinguishers. Carbon-dioxide fire extinguishers are intended to be utilized in accordance with the Standard for Portable Fire...

NFPA 12 - Standard on Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems
January 1, 2018 - NFPA

This standard contains minimum requirements for carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing systems. This standard includes only the necessary essentials to make it workable in the hands of those skilled in this field. Purpose. This standard is prepared for the use and guidance of those charged...

January 1, 2011 - CGA/GAS

This publication describes the specification requirements for gaseous, liquid, and solid carbon dioxide. The term container as used in this publication shall refer to portable compressed gas cylinders and liquid containers made in accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation...

March 19, 1987 - NPFC

This specification covers cylinder valves for installation in 15- and 50-pound capacity carbon dioxide cylinders employed as portable or fixed fire extinguisher components.

CSA Z741 - Geological storage of carbon dioxide
January 1, 2012 - CSA

This Standard (a) establishes requirements and recommendations for the geological storage of carbon dioxide. The purpose of these requirements is to promote environmentally safe and long-term containment of carbon dioxide in a way that minimizes risks to the environment...

BS EN 25923 - Fire protection - Fire extinguishing media - Carbon dioxide
October 31, 1990 - BSI

Requirements for and gives physical properties of carbon dioxide to be used in fire extinguishing equipment. Gives sampling and test methods. Requirements include minimum purity and maximum water content.

FMAPPROVAL 5420 - Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems
April 1, 2007 - FM
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GOST 12162 - "Carbon dioxide, solid. Specification"
May 4, 1977 - GOST
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