DS/EN 13063-3 - Chimneys - System chimneys with clay/ceramic flue liners - Part 3: Requirements and test methods for air flue system chimneys
August 20, 2007 - DS

This product standard specifies the requirements and test methods for dry (designated D) and/or wet (designated W) air flue system chimneys, including terminals in which the products of combustion are conveyed to the atmosphere through clay/ceramic flue liners and combustion air is conveyed...

BS 6461-1 - Installation of Chimneys and Flues for Domestic Appliances Burning Solid Fuel (Including Wood and Peat) Part 1: Code of Practice for Masonry Chimneys and Flue Pipes
August 31, 1984 - BSI

Deals with design, construction and testing. Maximum heat output 45 kW. Appendices cover remedial action for defective chimneys, and cleaning and maintenance.

BS 7566-4 - Installation of factory-made chimneys to BS 4543 for domestic appliances Part 4: Recommendations for installation design and installation
July 15, 1992 - BSI

Also gives information on cleaning and maintenance of the chimney following installation.

Good Repair Guides
January 1, 2004 - BRE

Complete set of BRE Good Repair Guides collated in a sturdy ring binder: Assessing moisture in building materials - 3 part set GR33 Bats and refurbishment GR36 Cleaning external walls of buildings - 2 part set GR27 Cracks caused by foundation movement GR1 Damage to buildings caused by trees...

January 1, 1993 - ULC

These are factory-built industrial chimneys intended for use with certain process equipment and large oil or gas burning building heating appliances normally producing flue gas temperatures of 5A0°C or 760WC, or less as applicable. A complete assembly consists of a support assembly, a...

BS 6461-2 - Installation of Chimneys and Flues for Domestic Appliances Burning Solid Solid-Fuel (Including Wood and Peat) Part 2: Code of Practice for Factory-Made Insulated Chimneys for Internal Applications
June 29, 1984 - BSI

Deals with the installation of new factory-made insulated chimneys designed to serve appliances with chimneys of nominal internal diameters 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm, with an appendix giving information on cleaning and maintenance.

DSF/FPREN 16475-6 - Chimneys – Accessories – Part 6: Access components – Requirements and test methods

This document specifies the requirements and test methods for access components comprising a frame and a door or doors which provide access to the flue of a chimney for the purpose of inspection or cleaning. Access components for higher nominal working temperature than 450 °C,...

DEF STAN 03-6: PART 1 - Guide to Flame Spraying Processes Part 1: Unfused Metal Coatings
January 1, 1972 - MODUK

INTRODUCTION The purpose of this Defence Standard is to provide designers and users with advice on the application of flame sprayed coatings, principally for wearing surfaces. It includes cleaning, preparation of surfaces, design considerations, metals to be applied, quality control,...