August 9, 2007 - NPFC

This CID covers canned western style beans, packed in commercially acceptable containers, suitable for use by Federal, State, local governments, and other interested parties; and as a component of operational rations.

NR RT/SIN/085 - Western Region-Type Barrier Rear Struts
October 1, 2003 - NR

This Special Inspection Notice applies to all Western Region-type barrier installations. Note that this type of equipment was also supplied for sites outside the boundary of the former Western Region, notably the former London Midland Region. Purpose This Special Inspection Notice...

GM MTL4328 - Western Mountain Brake Evaluation
August 1, 2007 - GMNA

This standard is inactive with no replacement.

NR/SIN/088 - Western Region-Type Barrier Rear Strut Replacement Programme
August 1, 2008 - NR

This Special Inspection Notice applies to all Western Region type barrier installations. Note that this type of equipment was also supplied for sites outside the boundary of the former Western Region. Purpose This Special Inspection Notice defines the requirements for the replacement...

May 15, 1951 - NPFC

Pine lumber Shall be furnished rough-sawn and in but one grade.

The Clinical Practice of Complementary, Alternative, and Western Medicine (2001)
September 20, 2017 - CRC

"Western Medicine", "Alternative Medicine", "Complementary Medicine", "Holistic Medicine", and "Natural Medicine." There is really only one "medicine" that heals and puts the whole patient, not the disease, at the center of care: Integrated Medicine. This practice integrates all modalities...

Safety Features of Operating Light Water Reactors of Western Design
November 29, 2017 - CRC

This text arose from a study originally undertaken for the Department of Energy to characterize the principal safety features of light water reactors of western design. This text should be of use to professional engineers interested in safety assessment of operating light water reactors,...

Ethnobotany of India, Volume 4: Western and Central Himalayas
August 29, 2017 - CRC

Ethnobotany of India: Volume 4: Western and Central Himalayas is the 4th volume of the 5-volume set, an informative book series on the ethnobotanical aspects of India. The books cover different regions, including Volume 1: Eastern Ghats and Deccan Volume 2: Western Ghats and West...

The Western Highlands of Scotland
January 1, 2019 - DUNEDIN
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The Healing Tradition: Reviving the Soul of Western Medicine
July 15, 2004 - CRC

The Healing Tradition argues that Western medicine is fundamentally flawed because it fails to provide a healing environment for both individuals and society, and indicates potential ways to correct this through an integration model of medical humanities. All health professionals and those...

CSA O118.1 - Western red cedar shakes and shingles
January 1, 2008 - CSA

This Standard applies to shakes and shingles manufactured from western red cedar (Thuja plicata Donn ex D. Don) or Alaska (yellow) cedar (Cupressus nootkatensis D. Don). It specifies minimum grading, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, and conformity assessment requirements. Note: See Annex...

ASTM B960 - Standard Specification for Prime Western Grade-Recycled (PWG-R) Zinc
November 1, 2018 - ASTM

This specification covers prime western grade-recycled (PWG-R) zinc made by recycling zinc secondary materials including but not limited to drosses and skimmings. The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as standard. The values given in parentheses are mathematical...

NR E10000/NEWINT/01 - Typical Circuits Former Western Region Introduction Notes (1)
September 15, 2004 - NR

GENERAL These drawing portray former Western Region free wired circuits and supporitng control tables. The drawings denote the latest version defined for each circuit typical, with guidance on application where appropirate, however the examples found at any particular site will reflect what...

ISO TS 22990 - Traditional Chinese medicine — Categories of clinical terminological system to support the integration of clinical terms from traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine
May 1, 2019 - ISO

This document establishes the core classification framework for the integration of clinical terms from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine. This structure supports terminology integration in standardized electronic medical records, including professional clinical terms in...

NR/L2/SIG/30014/F120 - Signalling Works Testing Handbook: The Verification and Validation of Western Region E10,000 Interlockings
September 6, 2014 - NR

This Level 2 standard applies to work that meets the selection criteria for NR/L2/SIG/30014/A110 or NR/L2/SIG/30014/A210 as defined in NR/L2/SIG/30014/A100. Purpose This document is part of the suite of documents contained within the Signalling Works Testing Handbook, NR/L2/SIG/30014, which...

The Dragon in the Cockpit: How Western Aviation Concepts Conflict with Chinese Value Systems
January 28, 2015 - CRC

The purpose of The Dragon in the Cockpit is to enhance the mutual understanding between Western aviation human-factors practitioners and the Chinese aviation community by describing some of the fundamental Chinese cultural characteristics pertinent to the field of flight safety. China's...

NR E10000/INTRO - Western Region E10,000 Interlocking Circuits Introduction
October 1, 1992 - NR
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Industrial Property Markets in Western Europe
June 18, 1992 - CRC

An important reference book both now and post 1992. It gives a clear introduction to the industrial property market in Europe and provides the information needed to understand each country's system of planning and property development.

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