IETF RFC 2879 - Content Feature Schema for Internet Fax (V2)
August 1, 2000 - IETF

This document defines a content media feature schema for Internet fax. It is a profile of the media feature registration mechanisms [1,2,3] for use in performing capability identification between extended Internet fax systems [5]. It replaces and updates the feature schema defined in...

IETF RFC 2159 - A MIME Body Part for FAX
January 1, 1998 - IETF

Introduction This document contains the definitions, originally contained in RFC 1494, on how to carry CCITT G3Fax in MIME, and how to translate it to its X.400 representation. NOTE: At the moment, this format does not seem appropriate for a "general purpose image format for the Internet", if such...

ATIS 0409002-0001 - Wireless to Wireline Number Portability Fax Form Instructions
December 1, 2005 - ATIS

Introduction The purpose of this document is to define the operational requirements for the fax exchange of information needed for wireless to wireline porting. It explains the procedures for the completion of a Wireless Fax Form Port Request by a wireline carrier familiar with the...

IETF RFC 6913 - Indicating Fax over IP Capability in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
March 1, 2013 - IETF

This document defines and registers with IANA the new "fax" media feature tag for use with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Currently, fax calls are indistinguishable from voice calls at call initiation. Consequently, fax calls can be routed to SIP user agents that are...

IETF RFC 4355 - IANA Registration for Enumservices email, fax, mms, ems, and sms
January 1, 2006 - IETF

This document registers the Enumservices "email", "fax", "sms", "ems", and "mms" using the URI schemes 'tel:' and 'mailto:' as per the IANA registration process defined in the ENUM specification RFC 3761.

IETF RFC 3949 - File Format for Internet Fax
February 1, 2005 - IETF
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IETF RFC 4734 - Definition of Events for Modem, Fax, and Text Telephony Signals
December 1, 2006 - IETF

This memo updates RFC 4733 to add event codes for modem, fax, and text telephony signals when carried in the telephony event RTP payload. It supersedes the assignment of event codes for this purpose in RFC 2833, and therefore obsoletes that part of RFC 2833.

ATIS 0409002-0200 - Supplemental Document for Fax Transmissions for Wireless Intercarrier Communications Interface Specification (WICIS) for Local Number Portability
December 1, 2009 - ATIS

Introduction This supplemental document contains information and requirements regarding the use of a fax to complete the Intercarrier Communications Process between wireless service providers. While it is preferred that wireless providers use an electronic interface, it is understood that...

IETF RFC 4142 - Full-mode Fax Profile for Internet Mail (FFPIM)
November 1, 2005 - IETF

Classic facsimile document exchange represents both a set of technical specifications and a class of service. Previous work has replicated some of that service class as a profile within Internet mail. The current specification defines "full mode" carriage of facsimile data over the Internet,...

TIA-707.04 - Data Service Options for Spread Spectrum Systems: Async Data and Fax Services
March 1, 2010 - TIA

General Description Service Options 4, 4100 and 12 provide asynchronous (abbreviated as "async" hereafter) data transmission capability on CDMA2000® 1 wideband spread spectrum systems using the protocols and procedures defined herein. Service Options 5, 4101 and 13 provide Group-3 facsimile...

IETF RFC 3192 - Minimal FAX address format in Internet Mail
October 1, 2001 - IETF
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IETF RFC 2534 - Media Features for Display, Print, and Fax
March 1, 1999 - IETF

This specification defines some common media features for describing image resolution, size, color, and image representation methods that are common to web browsing, printing, and facsimile applications. These features are registered for use within the framework of [REG].

ITU-T Q.4016 - Testing specification of call establishment procedures based on SIP/SDP and ITU-T H.248 for a real-time fax over IP service
January 1, 2018 - ITU-T

This Recommendation contains the framework of session initiation protocol (SIP) signalling test requirements between SIP-enabled devices for real-time fax over IP (FoIP). Three methods for the support of fax over IP have been identified: 1) Pseudo-VBDoIP emulation; 2) FoIP packet...

TIA-707.01 - Data Service Option For Spread Spectrum Systems - Section 01
September 1, 2009 - TIA

General Description This standard describes data services available on spread spectrum systems. It is organized into a series of related recommendations, some of which address functions common to all CDMA2000® 1 data services, and others which describe a specific data service. The recommendations...

ISA 71.04 - Environmental Conditions for Process Measurement and Control Systems: Airborne Contaminants
August 16, 2013 - ISA

This standard covers airborne contaminants and biological influences that affect industrial process measurement and control equipment, electronic office equipment, and data center and network equipment. Specific examples of electronic office equipment include: laptop computers, desktop computers,...

TIA-664.530 - Wireless Features Description: Group 3 Facsimile Service (G3 Fax)
October 23, 2007 - TIA
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July 1, 1996 - ITU-T
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July 1, 1996 - ITU-T
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TIA/EIA/IS-135 - 800 MHz Cellular Systems TDMA Services Async Data and Fax
April 1, 1995 - TIA
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