ASTM F1592 - Standard Test Methods for Detention Hollow Metal Vision Systems
November 1, 2012 - ASTM

These test methods cover fixed detention hollow metal vision systems of various materials and types of construction. These fixed hollow metal vision systems are used in wall openings in detention and correctional institutions designed to incarcerate inmates. Frame...

ASTM F2956 - Standard Test Methods for Anchor Systems Used for Detention Hollow Metal Systems
June 1, 2016 - ASTM

These test methods cover anchor systems used for the installation of fixed detention hollow metal vision systems and door assemblies of various materials and types of construction. These anchor systems are used to install fixed hollow metal vision systems and...

September 30, 1985 - NPFC

This document covers the sections of the medium, light metal, maintenance tent frame with auxiliary lighting and guying equipment. The end section provides for 8 feet (two end bays each 4 feet) in length and each intermediate section provides for an additional 8 feet in length of...

DS/EN 13213 - Hollow floors
December 6, 2001 - DS

This standard specifies performance requirements and describes test methods for hollow floors for the use in interior parts of buildings.

DNVGL-CP-0347 - Steel hollow sections
May 1, 2016 - DNVGL

Scope and application This programme is applicable for the approval of material manufacturers of: Steel hollow sections, as referred in the Society's rules and standards, e.g. RU SHIP Pt.2 Ch.2 Sec.2 [2]. For a description of general requirements, conditions and procedures related to the...

SAE AMS3751 - Microspheres, Hollow Glass
January 1, 2012 - SAE

Form: This specification covers hollow glass microspheres. Application: Primarily as a filler material in syntactic foam shapes or parts for dielectric applications. Classification: The hollow glass microspheres are classified according to nominal bulk density designated as 100 times...

SAE AMS3753 - Microspheres, Carbon Hollow
November 1, 2016 - SAE

Form This specification covers carbon in the form of hollow microspheres Application This product has been used typically as a filler material in syntactic foam shapes, but usage is not limited to such applications Safety - Hazardous Materials While the materials, methods, applications, and...

DIN 7200 - Hollow punches
January 1, 2014 - DIN

Diese Norm gilt für Locheisen. Diese Norm legt Maße und technische Lieferbedingungen fest. Ein Locheisen nach dieser Norm ist ein Handwerkzeug, das nicht für den maschinellen Einsatz geeignet ist.

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JIS D 9401 - Frame-Assembly for bicycles
May 20, 2010 - JSA

This Standard specifies frame-fork assemblies to be used for bicycles for general use, bicycles for young children and motor assist cycles specified in JIS D 9111 (hereafter referred to as "frame-fork assembly"). This Standard does not apply to frame-fork assemblies used for...

February 13, 2017 - NPFC

This specification covers requirements for service and dress cap frames.

AISC DESIGN GUIDE 24 - Hollow Structural Section Connections
January 1, 2010 - AISC

Preface This Design Guide is a supplement to the 13th edition of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Steel Construction Manual and its companion CD. The Manual contains sections on bolting to hollow structural sections (HSS), welding considerations for HSS, simple shear...

January 13, 2014 - NPFC

This Commercial Item Description (CID) establishes the government acquisition requirements for floor mounted "H" frame presses which are used in maintenance and repair shops to press, straighten, assemble, and disassemble parts.

GMW14307 - Retractor – Frame Distortion
August 1, 2015 - GMW

Introduction Note: Nothing in this standard supercedes applicable laws and regulations. Note: In the event of conflict between the English and domestic language, the English language shall take precedence. Purpose. To determine if the retractor's performance is adversely affected by variations in...

CSA A82.8 - Hollow Clay Brick
October 1, 1978 - CSA

This Standard covers hollow building and facing brick made from clay, shale, fireclay, or mixtures thereof and burned for use in brick masonry. This Standard excludes ceramic or other glazed brick. Brick to be treated with water-repellent materials must qualify under this Standard prior to...

BS EN 13213 - Hollow Floors
May 15, 2001 - BSI
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IETF RFC 8336 - The ORIGIN HTTP/2 Frame
March 1, 2018 - IETF

This document specifies the ORIGIN frame for HTTP/2, to indicate what origins are available on a given connection.

IETF RFC 1973 - PPP in Frame Relay
June 1, 1996 - IETF

The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) [1] provides a standard method for transporting multi-protocol datagrams over point-to-point links. This document describes the use of Frame Relay for framing PPP encapsulated packets.

ASTM F1450 - Standard Test Methods for Hollow Metal Swinging Door Assemblies for Detention and Correctional Facilities
June 1, 2012 - ASTM

These test methods cover requirements for mechanical tests, simulated service test, and testing equipment for determining the performance characteristics of swinging detention hollow metal door assemblies of various styles and types of construction for use in wall openings...

ASME B5.62 - Hollow Taper Tooling With Flange-Face Contact
December 5, 2016 - ASME

This Standard covers basic toolholder shanks with a hollow 1/9.98 taper, and simultaneous contact face and taper mating surfaces that are applicable to a range of machine tool applications. Hollow taper shank (HSK shank) Forms A, B, C, D, E, F, and T with nominal flange diameters of...