AIR7765 - Considerations for Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Airborne Applications
November 18, 2019 - SAE International

The scope of this joint EUROCAE/SAE report is to compile the considerations relating to airborne application of hydrogen fuel cells. This document provides a comprehensive analysis of the use of hydrogen as a fuel by describing its existing applications and the...

November 1, 2019 - EUROCAE
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AIR6464 - EUROCAE/SAE WG80/AE-7AFC Hydrogen Fuel Cells Aircraft Fuel Cell Safety Guidelines
February 5, 2020 - SAE International

This document defines the technical guidelines for the safe integration of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell Systems (FCS), fuel (considered to be liquid and compressed hydrogen storage types only), fuel storage, fuel distribution and appropriate...

Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Advances in Transportation and Power
October 1, 2008 - CRC

The hydrogen car has been proposed as the solution to our oil problems, but how would it work, and what potential problems associated with it? This book addresses these questions and provides specifics about current developments toward a hydrogen-based energy infrastructure. It offers...

J2719_202003 - Hydrogen Fuel Quality for Fuel Cell Vehicles
March 18, 2020 - SAE International

This standard provides background information and a hydrogen fuel quality standard for commercial proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell vehicles. This report also provides background information on how this standard was developed by the Hydrogen Quality Task...

April 1, 1998 - CSA

INTRODUCTION The Fuel Safety Handbook is intended to provide the basic information which is essential to gas technicians working with natural gas and propane fuel gases in Ontario. The Fuel Safety Handbook is intended to address the knowledge needed by Ontario gas technicians...

CSA FUEL SAFETY TRAINING - Fuel Safety Training Manual
April 1, 1997 - CSA

Introduction (60 minutes) Using FSW-1, welcome the participants and introduce yourself to the group. Ask the participants to introduce themselves and indicate as to whether they are natural gas or propane fitters. Use the knowledge and skills of your participants as a means of enriching the...

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J2579_202301 - Standard for Fuel Systems in Fuel Cell and Other Hydrogen Vehicles
January 9, 2023 - SAE International

The purpose of this document is to define design, construction, operational, and maintenance requirements for hydrogen fuel storage and handling systems in on-road vehicles. Performance-based requirements for verification of design prototype and production hydrogen storage and...

J3219_202206 - Hydrogen Fuel Quality Screening Test of Chemicals for Fuel Cell Vehicles
June 13, 2022 - SAE International

The outcome of this TIR is to establish proton exchange membrane (PEM) testing methods and characterization of chemicals used in HRS, during operation and maintenance that can influence the performance of commercial PEM fuel cell vehicles. Hydrogen quality standards such as SAE...

ASTM D7606-17 - Standard Practice for Sampling of High Pressure Hydrogen and Related Fuel Cell Feed Gases
November 1, 2017 - ASTM International

5.1 Hydrogen is delivered to fuel cell powered automotive vehicles and stationary appliances at pressures up to 87.5 MPa. The quality of hydrogen delivered is a significant factor in maximizing fuel cell efficiency and life span. Contamination can occur...

GMW17177 - Selection and Use of Metallic Materials used for High Pressure Hydrogen (H2) Applications in Fuel Cell Vehicles
October 1, 2019 - GMW

Material Description. This standard applies to all metallic materials exposed to direct contact with high pressure gaseous hydrogen (H2) especially in fuel cell powered vehicles. This standard describes engineering measures and materials specifications to avoid...

J2990/1_201606 - Gaseous Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle First and Second Responder Recommended Practice
June 3, 2016 - SAE International

Electric and alternative fueled vehicles present different hazards for first and second responders than conventional gasoline internal combustion engines. Hydrogen vehicles (H2V) including Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs) involved in incidents may present unique hazards...

J2578_202301 - Recommended Practice for General Fuel Cell Vehicle Safety
January 9, 2023 - SAE International

This SAE Recommended Practice identifies and defines requirements relating to the safe integration of the fuel cell system, the hydrogen fuel storage and handling systems (as defined and specified in SAE J2579) and high voltage electrical systems into the overall...

ASTM D7941/D7941M-23 - Standard Test Method for Hydrogen Purity Analysis Using a Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Analyzer
January 15, 2023 - ASTM International

1.1 This test method describes contaminant determination in fuel cell grade hydrogen as specified in relevant ASTM and ISO standards using cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS). This standard test method is for the measurement of one or multiple contaminants including, but not...

J3121_202202 - Hydrogen Vehicle Crash Test Lab Safety Guidelines
February 23, 2022 - SAE International

The scope of this document is to provide an overview of the risks and protective precautions to ensure safe and effective testing procedures for the test personnel and the vehicle during the testing of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. The main risks associated with a...

AS6858 - Installation of Fuel Cell Systems in Large Civil Aircraft
April 21, 2023 - SAE International

This is a joint SAE/EUROCAE development. This document will be released as both an SAE Aerospace Specification (AS) and a EUROCAE Minimum Aviation System Performance Standard (MASPS). This document defines the technical requirements for the safe integration of gaseous hydrogen fueled...