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Switching Power Converters: Medium and High Power
December 13, 2013 - CRC

An examination of all of the multidisciplinary aspects of medium- and high-power converter systems, including basic power electronics, digital control and hardware, sensors, analog preprocessing of signals, protection devices and fault management, and pulse-width-modulation (PWM) algorithms,...

Power-Switching Converters
December 20, 2010 - CRC

Significantly expanded and updated with extensive revisions, new material, and a new chapter on emerging applications of switching converters, Power-Switching Converters, Third Edition offers the same trusted, accessible, and comprehensive information as its bestselling...

July 4, 2018 - NPFC
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NEMA SG 6 - Power Switching Equipment
January 1, 2000 - NEMA

The Outdoor High-Voltage Switches (8-SG-VI) voting classification includes the following: a. Power switching equipment rated above 1000 volts AC and 3200 volts DC b. Grounding switches c. Group-operated multipole horn-gap and disconnecting switches d. Hook-operated...

IEEE C37.015 - Guide for the Application of Shunt Reactor Switching
December 6, 2017 - IEEE

This application guide applies to ac high-voltage (> 1000 V) circuit breakers rated for shunt reactor switching. This application guide provides the theoretical background of shunt reactor switching and how information obtained from test results should be used to predict...

ATIS 1000002 - Number Portability Switching Systems
October 1, 2004 - ATIS

SCOPE AND OVERVIEW This technical requirements document defines the switch requirements for Number Portability (NP) between wireline networks, using the Location Routing Number (LRN) Method. The terms Number Portability (NP) and Local Number Portability (LNP) are used interchangeably within...

CSA C22.2 NO 229 - Switching and Metering Centres
January 1, 2017 - CSA

This Standard applies to switching and metering centres (hereafter may be referred to for convenience as metering centres or centres) rated 600 V and less, intended to be used in accordance with the Rules of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, in nonhazardous locations, to provide...

IETF RFC 3031 - Multiprotocol Label Switching Architecture
January 1, 2001 - IETF

This document specifies the architecture for Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS).

DSCC-DWG-99002 - Transformer, Switching
April 20, 2006 - DOD
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SAE J564 - Headlamp Beam Switching
March 16, 1990 - SAE

1. Scope--This SAE Standard defines the test conditions, procedures and performance specification for 6, 12, and 24 V manually actuated headlamp beam control switches.

NG TS 3.15.02 - Technical Specifications (NGTS) - Ferroresonance Switching
October 1, 1997 - NG

This Specification describes the functional and performance requirements for ferroresonance suppression switching, detection, annunciation and DAR lockout. The general requirements relating to automatic switching are detailed in NGTS 2.15.

Switching to Angular 2
March 30, 2016 - PACKT

Build SEO-friendly, high-performance single-page applications with Angular 2 About This Book • Get up to date with the latest changes to Angular 2, including the improvements to directives, change detection, dependency injection, router, and more • Understand Angular 2's new component-based...

ITU-T G.808.2 - Generic protection switching – Ring protection
November 1, 2013 - ITU-T

This Recommendation describes the generic aspects of ring protection switching. It covers synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) and optical transport network (OTN) based protection schemes. Overviews of ring protection and dual node subnetwork (e.g., dual ring) interconnect schemes will be...

NG CH 02 - Commissioning Handbook - Model Switching Programme
February 1, 2011 - NG

Purpose The purpose of this document is to give guidance when producing Commissioning Switching Programmes (C.S.P.) An example of a C.S.P is enclosed in Appendix 1 for reference. PURPOSE OF THE SWITCHING PROGRAMME Scheme 15398 was sanctioned to uprate the 4 Heysham ring circuits to...

Switching in Electrical Transmission and Distribution Systems
October 1, 2014 - WILEY

Switching in Electrical Transmission and Distribution Systems presents the issues and technological solutions associated with switching in power systems, from medium to ultra-high voltage. The book systematically discusses the electrical aspects of switching,...

BS EN 61129 - Alternating Current Earthing Switches - Induced Current Switching
June 15, 1994 - BSI

Applies to switches, rated 52 kV and above, capable of switching induced currents. Establishes switching requirements for earthing switches used to earth transmission lines.

JEDEC JESD 24-8 - Method for Repetitive Inductive Load Avalanche Switching
August 1, 1992 - JEDEC

Determines the repetitive inductive avalanche switching capability of power switching transistors.

SAE J68 - Tests for Snowmobile Switching Devices and Components
April 1, 2017 - SAE

This SAE Recommended Practice covers standardized basic tests, test methods, and requirements applicable to electromechanical switching devices which may be used on snowmobiles as defined in SAE J33.