ISO IWA 15 - Specification and method for the determination of performance of automated liquid handling systems
October 15, 2015 - ISO

This International Workshop Agreement (IWA) specifies methods for testing the volumetric performance of air-displacement, system-liquid filled and positive displacement automated liquid handling systems (ALHS), including an estimation of measurement uncertainties and established traceability to...

ASTM E2317 - Standard Guide for Conducting Renewal Microplate-Based Life-Cycle Toxicity Tests with a Marine Meiobenthic Copepod
April 1, 2004 - ASTM

This guide describes procedures for obtaining laboratory data concerning the adverse effects of a test material added to seawater, but not to food, on the marine copepod Amphiascus tenuiremis, during continuous exposures of individuals, from immediately after birth, until after the beginning of...