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NR/L3/OPS/045/3.17 - National Operating Procedure (NOP) 3.17: Weather Arrangements
June 6, 2020 - NR

The scope of this document is designed to provide seasonal instructions, including non-operation of track circuits, using Route specific instructions. This document will also provide direction to mitigate the risks from seasonal management of flooding, high winds, snow and high temperatures using...

NR/L2/OPS/253 - Specification for Rail Operating Centres
March 7, 2020 - NR

This specification defines the requirements for the design of a Rail Operating Centres (ROC). This specification applies to ROCs: 1) built after December 2019; and 2) buildings being converted into a ROC. The specification applies to the technical requirements of the ROC to enable the safe...

CEI EN IEC 60601-2-46 - Medical electrical equipment Part 2: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of operating tables
May 1, 2020 - CEI

This particular standard specifies safety requirements for OPERATING TABLES, whether or not having electrical parts, including TRANSPORTERS, used for the transportation of the OPERATING TABLE top to or from the base or pedestal of an OPERATING TABLE with detachable...

FinFET Devices for VLSI Circuits and Systems
July 16, 2020 - CRC

To surmount the continuous scaling challenges of MOSFET devices, FinFETs have emerged as the real alternative for use as the next generation device for IC fabrication technology. The objective of this book is to provide the basic theory and operating principles of FinFET devices and...

ICAO 8585 - Designators for Aircraft Operating Agencies, Aeronautical Authorities and Services
April 1, 2020 - ICAO

FOREWORD This document contains designators for aircraft operating agencies and for authorities and services associated with international aviation. The designators currently consist of: a) three-letter designators intended for use on the international aeronautical telecommunications...

Post Normal Accident Revisiting Perrow’s Classic
July 7, 2020 - CRC

Post Normal Accident revisits Perrow's classic Normal Accident published in 1984 and provides additional insights to our sociological view of safety-critical organisations. The operating landscape of high-risk systems has indeed profoundly changed in the past 20 to 30 years but the core...

NR NB 180 - Point Operating Equipment Design, Testing and Commissioning
February 17, 2020 - NR

Specification, Design, Testing and Commissioning of Point Operating Equipment being renewed or replaced. Purpose To highlight the importance of following Design, Testing and Commissioning procedures.

ASTM D5615 - Standard Test Method for Operating Characteristics of Home Reverse Osmosis Devices
May 1, 2020 - ASTM

This test method covers determination of the operating characteristics of home reverse osmosis devices using standard test conditions. It does not necessarily determine the characteristics of the devices operating on natural waters. This test method is applicable for spiral-wound...

Tomorrow's Healthcare by Nano-sized Approaches A Bold Future for Medicine
July 1, 2020 - CRC

Nanomedicine, a scientific branch of nanotechnology that operates on the same scale as biology, offers the possibility of influencing the healing process from inside of the body by manipulating the matter at cellular or molecular levels. Throughout this book, current healing approaches based...

ASME B89.7.6 - Guidelines for the Evaluation of Uncertainty of Test Values Associated With the Verification of Dimensional Measuring Instruments to Their Performance Specifications
June 12, 2020 - ASME

This Standard provides guidelines for evaluating the uncertainty of test values obtained when verifying dimensional measuring instruments1 to an ASME B89 testing protocol. The scope is limited to the case in which the test measurand is the error of indication at a rated operating condition;...

DS/EN IEC 63086-1 - Household and similar electrical air cleaning appliances – Methods for measuring the performance – Part 1: General requirements
June 8, 2020 - DS

IEC 63086-1:2020 applies to electrically powered household and similar air cleaners intended for use on rated single-phase AC input voltage circuits not exceeding 250 V and DC input voltage circuits not exceeding 48 V. If the test methods in this document are applied to combination products (air...

Power Plant Synthesis
June 30, 2020 - CRC

Power Plant Synthesis provides an integrated approach to the operation, analysis, simulation, and dimensioning of power plants for electricity and thermal energy production. Fundamental concepts of energy and power, energy conversion, and power plant design are first presented, and integrated...

ISO DIS 10140-1 - Acoustics — Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements — Part 1: Application rules for specific products
June 19, 2020 - ISO

This part of ISO 10140 specifies test requirements for building elements and products, including detailed requirements for preparation, mounting, operating and test conditions, as well as applicable quantities and additional test information for reporting. The general procedures for airborne...

Radar Networks
July 1, 2020 - CRC

Radar networks are increasingly regarded as an efficient approach to enhancing radar capabilities in the face of popular anti-radar techniques and hostile operating environments. Reader-friendly and self-contained, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the latest radar networking...

ASME OM - Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants
June 30, 2020 - ASME

GENERAL In 2008, the OM Committee directed that the two separately published OM Code and the OM Standards and Guides (OM-S/G) publications be combined into one document. This was done to ensure all of our standards and guides documents were readily available to users of the OM Code products. Some...

IEST-RP-CC018 - Cleanroom Cleaning and Sanitization: Operating and Monitoring Procedures
May 1, 2020 - IEST

This Recommended Practice (RP) provides guidance for maintaining a cleanroom at the level for which it was intended. This document is presented as a guide for establishing appropriate cleaning and sanitization procedures essential for the overall contamination control program of the cleanroom. In...

MIL-G-70790 - Gun, Machine, 40 Millimeter MK19 Mod 3
June 4, 2020 - NPFC

This specification establishes the performance, functioning, and quality assurance requirements for an air cooled, blow-back operated automatic weapon firing 40mm grenades from ground mounts and combat vehicles.

June 16, 2020 - ARINC

Document Scope This document is applicable for all levels of flight crew training, operating with respect to civilian or military procedures using either fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). At the time of publication, the content of this document more...

DS/EN ISO/IEC 29100 - Information technology – Security techniques – Privacy framework (ISO/IEC 29100:2011, including Amd 1:2018)
June 15, 2020 - DS

This International Standard provides a privacy framework which - specifies a common privacy terminology; - defines the actors and their roles in processing personally identifiable information (PII); - describes privacy safeguarding considerations; and - provides references to known privacy...