BS 6158 - Safety Devices for Fuel Gases and Oxygen or Compressed Air for Welding, Cutting and Related Processes
May 31, 1982 - BSI

Requirements for fuel gases and oxygen or compressed air safety devices used between the cylinder regulators or pipeline regulators or downstream of the pipeline valve outlet and the blowpipe (burning device) for welding, cutting and related processes. Covers non-return...

January 10, 2011 - NPFC

This specification covers seamless steel flasks with integral forged heads and various composition end plugs for storing compressed gases (air, oxygen, nitrogen, helium, or helium-oxygen mixtures).

DEF STAN 02-372: PART 4 - Oxygen Clean Standards (OX) Part 4: Gaseous Oxygen (GOX) Compressers
June 6, 2002 - MODUK

This Defence Standard 372 Part 4, specifies the through life cleaning processes to 'Oxygen-Clean' standard of Gaseous Oxygen (GOX) Compressor equipment, components, pipework and support systems. This Defence Standard also specifies: 'Oxygen-Clean' standard and contamination...

JIS K 1101 - Oxygen
March 21, 2017 - JSA

This Japanese Industrial Standard specifies (liquefied or compressed) oxygen for industrial use fed into a high pressure gas vessel (hereafter referred to as oxygen). WARNING 1 Liquefied oxygen has extremely low temperature such as approximately -183°C at...

JIS M 7601 - Compressed oxygen closed circuit self-contained breathing apparatus
January 20, 2001 - JSA
A description is not available for this item.
DIN 3174-1 - Respiratory equipment - Cylinder valves - Part 1: Cylinder valves for compressed oxygen
April 1, 2000 - DIN
A description is not available for this item.
DS/EN 13949 - Respiratory equipment - Open-circuit self-contained diving apparatus for use with compressed Nitrox and oxygen - Requirements, testing, marking
April 25, 2003 - DS

This standard applies to self-contained open-circuit compressed Nitrox gas (oxygen content greater than 22%) or oxygen underwater breathing apparatus (Nitrox-SCUBA). This standard defines additional requirements, exceptions and tests for Nitrox- or oxygen-SCUBA to...