CSA B272 - Prefabricated Self-Sealing Roof Vent Flashings
April 1, 1993 - CSA

This Standard specifies the minimum requirements for factory-built, single or multiple-piece roof vent flashings used to effect a permanent weather seal between the flashing and the vent pipe without the use of additional sealing materials around the vent pipe. Flashings...

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UL 793 - UL Standard for Safety Automatically Operated Roof Vents for Smoke and Heat
December 31, 2008 - UL

These requirements cover automatically operated roof vents for smoke and heat that fall into two general categories: mechanically-opened and gravity-opened. Mechanically-opened vents consist primarily of a body frame, one or more damper covers and hatches, and operating...

API MPMS 19.1 - Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards Chapter 19.1 Evaporative Loss from Fixed-roof Tanks
June 1, 2017 - API

This standard contains methodologies for estimating the total evaporative losses of hydrocarbons from fixed-roof tanks. The methodologies provide loss estimates for general equipment types based on laboratory, test-tank, and field-tank data. Types of fixed-roof tanks and roof...

API TR 2569 - Evaporative Loss from Closed-vent Internal Floating-roof Storage Tanks
August 1, 2008 - API

INTRODUCTION This report addresses evaporative loss from internal floating-roof tanks (IFRTs) with closed vents, a subject not currently addressed by API. Nomenclature is provided in Appendix A. The API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards Chapter 19, Section 1 (19.1) addresses...

ULC SUBJECT C793 - Guide for the Investigation of Automatically Operated Smoke and Heat Roof Vents
January 1, 1973 - ULC
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UL 441 - UL Standard for Safety Gas Vents
April 8, 2016 - UL

These requirements cover Types B and BW gas vents and Types B and BW gas vent roof jacks intended for venting gas appliances equipped with draft hoods to burn only gas. Type B vents are also intended for use with other Category I appliances that specify they are...

May 1, 2017 - NAVY

NOTE: This guide specification covers the requirements for open cell and closed cell sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) materials used in wall, ceiling, and roof assemblies. The spray foam barrier may serve one or more of the following functions: 1) as a thermal barrier, 2) a vapor barrier, and...

ASTM D6841 - Standard Practice for Calculating Design Value Treatment Adjustment Factors for Fire-Retardant-Treated Lumber
March 1, 2016 - ASTM

This practice covers procedures for calculating treatment adjustment factors to be applied to design values for fire-retardant-treated lumber used at ambient temperatures [service temperatures up to 100°F (38°C)] and as framing in roof systems. These design value treatment adjustment factors...

UL 2582 OUTLINE - UL Outline for Investigation Hip and Ridge Vents
September 10, 2015 - UL

This Outline of Investigation covers requirements intended to evaluate the fire and wind-driven rain performance of roof hip or ridge vents. These requirements are intended to evaluate a hip or ridge vent's resistance to: a) Flame spread due to exposure to fire sources external to a...

ANSI Z83.8/CSA 2.6 - Gas unit heaters, gas packaged heaters, gas utility heaters, and gas-fired duct furnaces
January 1, 2016 - CSA/AM

This Standard applies to newly produced gas fired-duct furnaces, packaged heaters, and unit heaters with input rates up to and including 10,000,000 Btu/h (2 931 kW) and utility heaters with inputs up to and including 400,000 Btu/hr (117.2 kW) constructed entirely of new, unused parts and materials:...

SMACNA GUD ROOF AIR-CON - Guidelines for Roof Mounted Outdoor Air-Conditioner Installations
January 1, 1997 - SMACNA
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SMACNA KITCHEN VENT SYS - Kitchen Ventilation Systems and Food Service Equipment Fabrication and Installation Guidelines
April 1, 2001 - SMACNA

The information and drawings in this manual are presented primarily to illustrate the elements of construction and installation of commercial kitchen ventilation systems. The information is intended to encourage more standardization in installations and to call attention to the appropriate...

ASTM E2886/E2886M - Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Ability of Exterior Vents to Resist the Entry of Embers and Direct Flame Impingement
May 1, 2014 - ASTM

This fire-test-response standard prescribes two individual methods to evaluate the ability of a gable end, crawl space (foundation) and other vents that mount on a vertical wall or in the under-eave area to resist the entry through the vent opening of embers and flame. The ability of...

API STD 2000 - Venting Atmospheric and Low-pressure Storage Tanks
March 1, 2014 - API

This standard covers the normal and emergency vapor venting requirements for aboveground liquid petroleum or petroleum products storage tanks and aboveground and underground refrigerated storage tanks designed for operation at pressures from full vacuum through 103.4 kPa (ga) (15 psig)....