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ISA PROGMBLE CNTRLRS - Programmable Controller
January 1, 2005 - ISA

Introduction Programmable controllers were originally designed to replace relay-based control systems and solid-state, hard-wired logic control panels. However, the modern programmable controllers system is far more complex and powerful. The most basic function performed by...

May 19, 2020 - NPFC

This specification covers three sizes and capabilities of high-end programmable logic controllers (PLC) (see 6.4.10) requiring cybersecurity measures for naval shipboard use. The configuration range includes rack-mounted, rack-less, and module-type PLCs. The terms "PLC" and "programmable...

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DIN CEN/TS 15448 - Postal services - Open standard Interface between image controller and enrichment devices (OCRs, video coding systems, voting systems); English version CEN/TS 15448:2014
March 1, 2015 - DIN

The purpose of this Technical Specification is to define the requirements of the OCR/VCS Standard interface and to convey these requirements in context to the reader. This document is arranged under 4 main clauses as described in Figure 1: - UCM (Use Case Model) describes the use cases for the...

September 11, 2018 - NPFC

This specification covers alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) shipboard controllers that can be used for a variety of auxiliary systems, to include non-programmable controllers and programmable logic controllers (PLC) requiring cybersecurity measures....

Continuous Time Controller Design
January 1, 1989 - IET

This book covers theoretical methods for the design of continuous time controllers for linear multivariate systems. It is intended for use by those wishing to build on a first course in control systems, either to expand their knowledge as practicing engineers or as post graduate students...

Learning System Center App Controller
February 24, 2015 - PACKT

This book is intended for IT professionals working with Hyper-V, Azure cloud, VMM, and private cloud technologies who are looking for a quick way to get up and running with System Center 2012 R2 App Controller. To get the most out of this book, you should be familiar with Microsoft Hyper-V...

ITU-T Q.4061 - Framework for software-defined network controller testing
April 1, 2019 - ITU-T

This Recommendation describes the general approach to testing of software-defined network (SDN) controllers, specifies a number of key parameters, the totality of which determine the ability of a controller to handle a specific load and type of controlled network.

December 21, 1987 - NPFC

The General Services Administration has authorized the use of this commercial item description. This commercial item description covers a disposable controller, drop rate, intravenous injection, for use with 20 gage or larger hypodermic needles.

February 19, 2003 - FORD

PURPOSE AND SCOPE: This Standard describes the requirements for programmable controllers (PLCs), hardware, software, and applications, intended for general use throughout Ford Motor Company that will promote: (1) Safety to personnel. (2) Uninterrupted production. (3) Long life of equipment....

Bio-Inspired Algorithms in PID Controller Optimization
June 1, 2018 - CRC

This book discusses in-depth role of optimization to optimize the controller parameters with reference to bio-inspired algorithms. Comparative studies to evaluate the performance of different optimization techniques in terms of the settling time, overshoot and undershoot responses of the...

NEMA TS 2 - Traffic Controller Assemblies with NTCIP Requirements
January 1, 2016 - NEMA

NEMA TS 2 covers traffic signaling equipment used to facilitate and expedite the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Two approaches to expansion of traffic features of NEMA TS 1, Traffic Control Systems, are provided: 1. Type 1: Entirely new performance oriented standard. 2. Type 2:...

FPGA Prototyping by SystemVerilog Examples: Xilinx MicroBlaze MCS SoC Edition
May 1, 2018 - WILEY

A hands-on introduction to FPGA prototyping and SoC design This is the successor edition of the popular FPGA Prototyping by Verilog Examples text. It follows the same "learning-by-doing" approach to teach the fundamentals and practices of HDL synthesis and FPGA prototyping. The new edition uses a...

SAE AS5363 - Electromechanical Power Controller/Relay, General Specification For
January 1, 2016 - SAE

This specification establishes general requirements for a family of trip-free Electromechanical Power Controller/Relays (EMPC) with electronic overcurrent sensing and control, intended for use in electrical systems conforming to RTCA, D0160 Revision C. These devices will be utilized for the...

NR/L3/NDS/048/TMM001 - Train Operations Manual - Industry Mandatory Section: Machine/Crane Controller Competence
June 1, 2010 - NR

This Procedure applies to: • Contractor organisation and Agency staff undertaking the duties of On-Track Plant Machine Controller, Crane Controller and Crane Controller Tandem Lifting • Contractor organisation and Agency staff undertaking the duties of On-Track Machine Crane...

NR/L3/OPS/045/2.02 - National Operating Procedure (NOP) 2.02: Controller Competence Assessment Process
December 7, 2019 - NR

The requirements of this procedure apply to Controllers working in a Route Operational Control environment. This includes Incident Controllers, Information Controllers, information coordinators and Train Running Controllers. The general arrangements outlined in the main...

IEST-RP-DTE019 - Vibration Controller Selection
April 1, 2011 - IEST

Purpose This Recommended Practice (RP) is meant to provide rudimentary guidelines for those tasked with selecting a closed-loop digital shaker control system (DSCS) for use in vibration or shock testing, or both. This RP is concerned with single shaker operation only. It is not meant to be a...