A-A-52475 - CHOCK, WHEEL
September 15, 2014 - NPFC

This commercial item description (CID) covers the general requirements for wheel chocks. Wheel chocks covered by this CID are intended for commercial/industrial applications.

SAE AIR4905 - (R) Wheel Chocks
May 1, 2016 - SAE

The purpose of this document is to present general considerations for the design and use of aircraft wheel chocks. The design and use of aircraft wheel chocks is a good deal more complicated than it may appear at first glance.

ISO 1328 - Parallel involute gears - ISO system of accuracy
February 15, 1975 - ISO

SCOPE AND FIELD OF APPLICATION This International Standard establishes a system of accuracy for parallel involute gear pairs defined in ISO 53, Cylindrical gears for general and heavy engineering - Basic rack,a nd ISO/R 54, Modules and diametral pitches of cylindrical...

GMW14418 - Steering Wheel Torsional Test
January 1, 2019 - GMW

Introduction Note: Nothing in this standard supercedes applicable laws and regulations. Note: In the event of conflict between the English and domestic language, the English language shall take precedence. Purpose. In driving operation and in particular during parking maneuvers torsional loads are...

SAE AS6817 - Valve, Inflation, Aircraft Wheel
November 1, 2019 - SAE

This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) defines the configuration of aircraft wheel inflation valve assemblies, including required tolerances, materials, and appropriate finishes.

December 14, 2005 - GMKOREA

This standard apply to steering wheel locks part of passenger car PURPOSE This test specification defines the test conditions, sequences and requirements to steering wheel locks of passenger car and includes the legal requirements requisite for these parts. The steering wheel...

ISO TS 10303-5001 - Industrial automation systems and integration — Product data representation and exchange — Part 5001: Guidance on the usage of ISO 10303-214 for gear units
November 15, 2010 - ISO

This part of ISO 10303 specifies guidance on the usage of ISO 10303-214 application reference model (ARM) for the scope and information requirements for the exchange of information between the applications that support the development process of the mechanical aspects of gear...

ISO 4107 - Commercial vehicles - Wheel–hub attachment dimensions
July 15, 2010 - ISO

This International Standard specifies the dimensions necessary for the attachment of a commercial road vehicle wheel on the hub of the vehicle whose fixing has six, eight or ten stud holes. This International Standard considers the flat attachment type with centring on central bore, which is...

GME 14070 - Wheel Loosening Torques
July 1, 2007 - GME

Purpose. Checking the secure fitting of the wheel mounting.

GME L-9B-1 - Steering Wheel Vibration Test
September 11, 2008 - GME

Purpose. Vertical steering wheel vibrations may occur under certain driving conditions. The effect of these vibrations on the service life of the steering wheel assembly (with airbag) shall be investigated during the vibration test. Foreword. Not applicable. Applicability. For all...

SAE J2315 - Wheel Nut Seat Strength
December 1, 2015 - SAE

The purpose of this test is to evaluate the axial strength of the nut seat of wheels intended for use on passenger cars, light trucks, and multipurpose vehicles. In addition, a minimum contact area is recommended to ensure enough strength for the rotational force in tightening a nut against the nut...

GME L-9B-2 - Steering Wheel Torsional Test
September 11, 2008 - GME

Introduction Purpose. In driving operation and in particular during parking maneuvers torsional loads are applied to the steering wheel. The purpose of this test is to determine the effect of such loads on the service life of the steering wheel. A torque of 70 Nm max. may be applied...

SAE J348 - (R) Wheel Chocks
June 1, 1990 - SAE

1. Scope--This SAE standard presents the basic information required for the design and manufacture of a wheel chock.

GME 92560 - Wheel Suspension Springs
November 13, 2007 - GME

These technical terms of delivery are applicable to all wheel suspension springs manufactured from alloy steel, which are ready for installation.

NR TI 103 - Electronic Wheel Sensors
June 1, 2008 - NR

The new requirements shall be applied to all Siemens and GE Transportation Systems Electronic Treadle Replacement Systems that have been, or will be installed across the network. Purpose This Technical Instruction is being issued to advise of the Signal Maintenance Specification requirements for...

September 29, 2017 - NPFC

This CID covers requirements for a 2 inch fifth wheel kingpin used in coupling military trailer to a truck-tractor or trailer converter dolly fifth wheel. It also includes the requirements for trailers transported on flat car.

GMKOREA EDS-M-6912 - Outer Wheel Housing Liner
March 1, 2011 - GMKOREA

Material Description. Double structure mixed PET and LMPET. Symbols. Not applicable. Typical Applications. This specification applies to the flat fiber mixture non-woven, which is mixed PET and LMPET, used for the outer wheel housing liner in automobile. Remarks. Not applicable.

GMI L-10B-12 - Multi-Axial Disk Wheel Test
July 1, 2007 - GME

Purpose The multi-axial disk wheel test is designed to determine the functional stability of the complete disk wheel.

GMI L-10B-13 - Fatigue Test for Wheel Disk
July 1, 2007 - GME

Purpose The fatigue test for wheel disks is designed to enable a rapid determination of the dynamic strength of the wheel disk.

GME 10001 - Cover Wheel
August 14, 2013 - GME

This specification defines the test conditions, test methods and requirements of covers for wheels.