MIL-E-1/1134 - ZENER DIODE, TYPE 1N429
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GOST 18986.23 - Zener diodes. Methods for measuring spectral noise density
December 12, 1980 - GOST
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IEEE C62.42.3 - Guide for the Application of Surge Protective Components in Surge Protective Devices and Equipment Ports-Part 3: Silicon PN-Junction
March 23, 2017 - IEEE

The IEEE C62.42™ guide series covers surge protective components (SPCs) used in power and telecom surge protective devices (SPDs) and equipment ports. This part, Part 3 of the series, describes Silicon PN-Junction Clamping Diode SPCs and covers: - Technology variants - Forward biased...

GOST 18986.20 - Semiconductor diodes. Reference zener diodes. Method for measuring warm up time
October 26, 1977 - GOST
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ITU-T K.129 - Characteristics and ratings of silicon PN junction voltage clamping components used for the protection of telecommunication installations
January 1, 2018 - ITU-T

Silicon PN-junction surge protective components (SPCs) are special silicon diodes designed to limit overvoltages and divert surge currents by a voltage clamping action. This Recommendation applies to silicon PN-junction SPCs used in surge protective devices (SPDs) and telecommunication...

JEDEC JESD 211 - Zener and Voltage Regulator Diode Rating Verification and Characterization Testing
December 1, 2009 - JEDEC

This standard is applicable to diodes that are used as voltage regulators and voltage references. It describes terms and definitions and explains methods for verifying device ratings and measuring device characteristics. Voltage regulator diodes are sometimes used as transient voltage...

Introductory Circuits
January 1, 2008 - WILEY

Compact but comprehensive, this textbook presents the essential concepts of electronic circuit theory. As well as covering classical linear theory involving resistance, capacitance and inductance it treats practical nonlinear circuits containing components such as operational amplifiers,...

April 15, 1994 - NPFC

This specification establishes the general requirements for semiconductor devices. Detail requirements and characteristics are specified in the detail specification. Four levels of product assurance requirements for encapsulated devices are provided for in this specification, differentiated by the...