SAE AMS2434 - Plating, Tin-Zinc Alloy
November 1, 2017 - SAE

Purpose This specification covers the requirements for electrodeposited tin-zinc alloy plating. Application This plating has been used typically as a corrosion resistant plating where cadmium cannot be used, as a replacement for tin plating where tin whisker growth is a concern, a...

GMW3341 - Pressure Die Casting Zinc Alloys
June 1, 2016 - GMW

This material specification applies to zinc alloys for use in high pressure die cast automotive applications and other allied industries. Zinc die casting alloys are specified by chemical composition. The alloys indicated represent common materials for identical...

GMW3344 - Zinc Alloy Ingots for High Pressure Die Casting
June 1, 2017 - GMW

This material specification covers commercial zinc alloys in ingot form for remelting for the manufacturing of high pressure die castings used in automotive applications and other allied industries. Zinc alloy ingots are specified by the chemical composition. Material...

December 15, 2015 - NPFC

This specification covers the requirements for zinc anodes (galvanic protectors) in the form of plates, slabs, discs, and rods for corrosion protection (cathodic protection) of metals and alloys. It also includes features of anode design and fabrication, such as cast-in cores for...

ASTM A1059/A1059M - Standard Specification for Zinc Alloy Thermo-Diffusion Coatings (TDC) on Steel Fasteners, Hardware, and Other Products
November 1, 2018 - ASTM

This specification covers the general requirements for protective zinc coatings (hereinafter referred to as the coatings) to be applied by the thermo-diffusion coating (TDC) method, to various products made of carbon steel, including low and high tensile parts as well as of wrought iron,...

ASTM B897 - Standard Specification for Configuration of Zinc and Zinc Alloy Jumbo, Block, Half Block, and Slab Ingot
November 1, 2018 - ASTM

This specification covers zinc and zinc alloy jumbo, block, half block, and slab ingot meeting dimensional requirements. The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as standard. The values given in parentheses are mathematical conversions to SI units that are...

ASTM E634 - Standard Practice for Sampling of Zinc and Zinc Alloys for Analysis by Spark Atomic Emission Spectrometry
October 1, 2018 - ASTM

This practice covers the sampling of zinc and zinc alloys to obtain a sample suitable for quantitative spark atomic emission spectrochemical analysis. Included are procedures for obtaining representative samples from molten metal, from fabricated or cast products that can be...

GMW4700 - Zinc Alloy Plating
February 1, 2014 - GMW

Material Description. This specification covers the basic requirements for barrel or rack electrodeposited zinc alloy over a ferrous substrate. Various alloy platings with supplemental treatments are covered by this specification. This specification covers functional...

ASTM B949 - Standard Specification for General Requirements for Zinc and Zinc Alloy Products
November 1, 2018 - ASTM

This specification establishes general requirements, unless otherwise specified in the specific product specification, for ordering information, marking, and sampling for chemical analysis common to zinc and zinc alloy products and shall apply to Specifications B6, B69, B86,...

JIS H 2201 - Zinc alloy ingots for die casting
March 20, 2015 - JSA

This Standard specifies the types and symbols, chemical compositions, marking and other requirements for zinc alloy ingots for die casting (hereafter referred to as "ingots"). NOTE: The International Standard corresponding to this Standard and the symbol of degree of correspondence...

ASTM D2201 - Standard Practice for Preparation of Zinc-Coated and Zinc-Alloy-Coated Steel Panels for Testing Paint and Related Coating Products
February 15, 2018 - ASTM

This practice covers the preparation of zinc-coated and zinc-alloy-coated sheet steel panels to be used for testing paint, varnish, lacquer, conversion coatings, and related products. It covers sheet steel coated with hot dipped galvanized, one-side galvanized,...

SAE AMS03-040 - Electrodeposition of Zinc-Nickel Alloys
March 1, 2017 - SAE

This SAE Standard specifies the guidance and the requirements for the electrodeposition of zinc-nickel alloy coatings on a range of metallic substrates for the provision of corrosion resistance to steel components and galvanic compatibility between some bi-metallic contacting surfaces

GMKOREA EDS-M-2201 - Zinc Alloy Die Castings
April 1, 2011 - GMKOREA

Material Description. This standard specifies the zinc alloy die castings used by GM Korea Company (hereinafter referred to as the "GM Korea").

ISO 9364 - Steel sheet, 55 % aluminium-zinc alloy-coated by the continuous hot-dip process, of commercial, drawing and structural qualities
November 1, 2017 - ISO

This document is applicable to the requirements for steel sheet, in coils and cut lengths, metallic-coated by the continuous hot-dip process with 55 % aluminium-zinc alloy coating. The product is intended for applications requiring the corrosion characteristics of aluminium coupled...

GME QN 408000 - Wrought Copper-Zinc-Alloy
July 1, 2012 - GME

Material Description. Wrought copper-zinc- (manganese-aluminum)-alloy (Special-brass). Material Identification. Rods, tubes, profiles and pressings which can be supplied optionally in cold or hot formed condition. Cross-Reference of Replaced Specifications. Subparagraphs were not...

ASTM B841 - Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Zinc Nickel Alloy Deposits
July 1, 2018 - ASTM

This specification covers the requirements for electrodeposited zinc nickel alloy coatings on metals. The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as the standard. The following precautionary statement pertains to the test method portion only, Section 8, of this specification:...

SAE J469 - Zinc Die Casting Alloys
December 1, 2017 - SAE

Because of the drastic chilling involved in die casting and the fact that the solid solubilities of both aluminum and copper in zinc change with temperature, these alloys are subject to some aging changes, one of which is a dimensional change. Both of the alloys undergo a...

GME QN 408300 - Wrought Copper-Zinc-Alloy
July 1, 2012 - GME

Note: The material specified in this engineering material specification is protected by a patent of Chuetsu Metal Works Co. Ltd., Tokio/Tokyo, JP (patent letter DE 2830459 C3). Material Description. Wrought copper-zinc- (aluminum-nickel)-cobalt-alloy (Special-brass). Material...

ASTM B860 - Standard Specification for Zinc Master Alloys for Use in Hot Dip Galvanizing
November 1, 2018 - ASTM

This specification covers zinc master alloys which are used in hot dip galvanizing for the purpose of adjusting the concentration of certain alloying elements in the molten zinc bath. Table 1 covers the chemical composition of these materials which include six master...

August 7, 2018 - FORD

This specification defines the requirements for mechanically plated deposits that are subsequently Ecoated. The material consists of an adherent copper flash, and a tin/zinc deposit.