ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 - American National Standard Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices
January 1, 2015 - ISEA

This standard sets forth criteria related to the general requirements, testing, permanent marking, selection, care, and use of protectors to minimize the occurrence and severity or prevention of injuries from such hazards as impact, nonionizing nonionizing radiation and liquid splash...

ANSI Z87.1 - Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices
January 1, 2003 - ASSP

This standard sets forth criteria related to the description, general requirements, testing, marking, selection, care, and use of protectors to minimize or prevent injuries, from such hazards as impact, non-ionizing radiation and chemical type injuries in occupational and educational...

ANSI Z80.10 - Ophthalmics Ophthalmic Instruments – Tonometers
September 27, 2018 - ANSI

This standard, together with ISO 15004-1:2006, Fundamental requirements and test methods - Part 1: General requirements applicable to all instruments - First edition, specifies minimum requirements and the design compliance procedure for tonometers intended for routine clinical use in the...

ANSI Z80.30 - Ophthalmics – Toric Intraocular Lenses
June 18, 2018 - ANSI

Scope and purpose This standard applies to any monofocal intraocular lens (IOL) whose primary indication is the reduction of astigmatism either with the correction of aphakia or the modification of the refractive power of a phakic eye. It does not include IOLs used to correct presbyopia. This...

ANSI Z80.3 - Ophthalmics - Nonprescription Sunglass and Fashion Eyewear Requirements
March 13, 2018 - ANSI

This standard applies to all nonprescription sunglasses and fashion eyewear, normally used for casual, dress, and recreational purposes, having lenses of substantially plano power. This standard specifically excludes products covered by ANSI Z87.1, ANSI Z80.1, and those covered...

ANSI Z80.31 - Ophthalmics – Ophthalmic Optics – Specifications for Ready-to-Wear Near-Vision Spectacles
December 12, 2017 - ANSI

This Standard specifies the minimum requirements for complete ready-to-wear near-vision spectacles with positive power available directly to the public without the prescription of a licensed professional. Purpose The purpose of this standard is to establish requirements for ready-to-wear...

ANSI Z80.37 - Ophthalmics - Slit-Lamp Microscopes
December 11, 2017 - ANSI

This American National Standard, together with ISO 15004-1 and ANSI Z80.36, specifies requirements and test methods for slit-lamp microscopes to provide slit illumination and observation under magnification of the eye and its adnexa. This American National Standard is not applicable to...

ANSI Z245.1 - Equipment Technology and Operations for Wastes and Recyclable Materials - Mobile Wastes and Recyclable Materials Collection, Transportation, and Compaction Equipment - Safety Requirements
January 9, 2017 - ANSI

his American National Standard is applicable to all persons engaged in the manufacture, reconstruction, modification, operation, cleaning, maintenance, service, or repair of mobile collecting, transporting, and compacting equipment. Exception: This standard does not address equipment used for the...

ANSI Z80.38 - Ophthalmics - Light Hazard from Operation Microscopes Used in Ocular Surgery
July 28, 2017 - ANSI

ANSI Z80.38 specifies requirements and test methods for optical radiation hazards from operation microscopes that are used during ocular surgery. NOTE - General requirements for operation microscopes and test methods for these requirements are specified in ISO 10936-1.

ANSI Z80.28 - Ophthalmics – Methods of Reporting Optical Aberrations of Eyes
March 27, 2017 - ANSI

This standard specifies standardized methods for reporting the optical aberrations of eyes.

ANSI Z80.18 - For Ophthalmics – Contact Lens Care Products – Vocabulary, Performance Specifications, and Test Methodology
December 6, 2016 - ANSI

This American National Standard applies to contact lens care products (CLCP) which are marketed for use with hard (PMMA), rigid gas permeable (RGP), enhanced oxygen permeable materials, and soft hydrophilic contact lenses. These products are intended for use in the care of contact lenses: e.g.,...

ANSI Z80.20 - For Ophthalmics Contact Lenses – Standard Terminology, Tolerances, Measurements and Physicochemical Properties
December 6, 2016 - ANSI

This American National Standard applies to contact lenses worn over the front surface of the eye in contact with the preocular tear film. The standard covers rigid intracorneal and haptic (scleral) contact lenses, as well as soft paralimbal contact lenses. Purpose The purpose of this standard is to...

ANSI/INCITS 529 - Information Technology – ATA Command Set - 4 (ACS-4)
September 21, 2018 - ANSI

The set of AT Attachment standards consists of this standard and the ATA implementation standards described in AT Attachment - 8 ATA/ATAPI Architecture Model (ATA8-AAM). This standard specifies the command set that host systems use to access storage devices. This standard provides a common command...

ANSI/INCITS 525 - Information Technology – Next Generation Access Control – Implementation Requirements, Protocols and API Definitions (NGAC-IRPAD)
September 6, 2018 - ANSI

NGAC follows an attribute-based construction in which characteristics or properties are used to describe and manage policy and to control access to resources. The family of NGAC standards specifies the architecture, functions, operations, and interfaces necessary to ensure their realization in...

ANSI/OPEI B175.4 - Outdoor Power Equipment - Portable, Handheld, Internal Combustion Engine-Powered Cut-Off Machines - Safety and Environmental Requirements
August 13, 2018 - ANSI

This standard applies to portable, handheld, internal combustion engine-powered machines, which use a rotating cut-off (abrasive) wheel that is center-mounted on and driven by a spindle shaft, and designed for cutting construction materials such as asphalt, concrete, stone, and metal. The...

ANSI/OPEI B71.10 - Off-Road Ground-Supported Outdoor Power Equipment – Gasoline Fuel Systems – Performance Specifications and Test Procedures
August 10, 2018 - ANSI

This standard describes safety specifications and test procedures applicable to the gasoline fuel systems for off-road ground-supported outdoor power equipment with spark ignition engines of less than one liter displacement. Off-road ground-supported outdoor power equipment for which this standard...

ANSI/OPEI B71.7 - Powered Consumer Ram-Type Log Splitters – Safety Specifications
August 8, 2018 - ANSI

The safety specifications given in this standard are for powered consumer (a) hydraulic-ram log splitters (b) mechanical-ram log splitters Power may be supplied by an internal-combustion engine or an electric motor. These specifications are intended to provide safety requirements and to help ensure...

ANSI Z80.1 - Ophthalmics – Prescription Ophthalmic Lenses – Recommendations
August 20, 2015 - ANSI

This standard applies to all prescription dress ophthalmic spectacle lenses in edged or assembled form. It is a guideline for entities that fabricate, assemble or process dress eyewear or lens components. Relevant optical and physical specifications and tolerances of this standard also apply to...

ANSI INCITS 538 - Information Technology – SAS Protocol Layer - 4 (SPL-4)
July 26, 2018 - ANSI

The SCSI family of standards provides for many different transport protocols that define the rules for exchanging information between different SCSI devices. This standard defines the rules for exchanging information between SCSI devices using a serial interconnect. Other SCSI transport protocol...

ANSI/INCITS 487 - Information Technology - Fibre Channel - Link Services - 3 (FC-LS-3)
July 10, 2018 - ANSI

FC-LS describes in detail the Fibre Channel Extended Link Services.