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ISO PAS 21448 - Road vehicles - Safety of the intended functionality
January 1, 2019 - ISO

The absence of unreasonable risk due to hazards resulting from functional insufficiencies of the intended functionality or by reasonably foreseeable misuse by persons is referred to as the Safety Of The Intended Functionality (SOTIF). This document provides guidance on the applicable design,...

CI/CHLOR PAMPHLET 10 - North American Chlor-Alkali Industry Plants and Production Data Report
November 1, 2018 - CI/CHLOR

Lists location of chlor-alkali plants, chlorine packaging facilities, and sodium hypochlorite production facilities with types of cells and shipping containers loaded at each location. A table added in 2001 lists Sodium Hypochlorite Production facilities in North America. Includes annual data on...

IEC PAS 60512-27-200 - Connectors for electrical and electronic equipment – Tests and measurements – Part 27-200: Additional specifications for signal integrity tests up to 2 000 MHz on IEC 60603-7 series connectors – Tests 27a to 27g
October 1, 2018 - IEC

This part of IEC 60512 covers additional, supplemental specifications for signal integrity and transmission performance test methods of IEC 60512-27-100, for connectors using deembedded crosstalk measurements, which are specified in respective parts of IEC 60603-7 standards for connecting hardware...

CI/CHLOR PAMPHLET 76 - Guidelines for the Safe Motor Vehicular Transportation of Chlorine Cylinders and Ton Containers
September 1, 2018 - CI/CHLOR

The motor vehicular transportation of chlorine is extensively regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada (TC). This pamphlet is not meant as a summary or substitute for those regulations. All persons transporting chlorine or offering chlorine for transportation...

CI/CHLOR PAMPHLET 87 - Recommended Practices for Handling Sodium Hydroxide Solution and Potassium Hydroxide Solution (Caustic) Tank Cars
July 1, 2018 - CI/CHLOR

This pamphlet provides guidelines, recommended practices and other useful information for the safe shipping, handling and receiving of sodium hydroxide solution and potassium hydroxide solution in tank cars. It represents a compendium of the Chlorine Institute membership experience as of the date...

IEC PAS 63178 - Smart manufacturing service platform – Service-oriented integration requirements of the manufacturing resource/capability
July 1, 2018 - IEC

This PAS provides the requirements of all relevant manufacturing resources integrated to the cloud manufacturing service platform, including integration of hard manufacturing resources, soft manufacturing resources and manufacturing capabilities. This document is used for the integration of the...

CI/CHLOR PAMPHLET 139 - Electrical Safety in Chlor-Alkali Cell Facilities
June 1, 2018 - CI/CHLOR

This document describes electrical guidelines, mechanisms, and protective equipment in common use in the chlor-alkali industry which can provide protection for personnel and, consequently, a safe workplace. PURPOSE This pamphlet is intended to provide information regarding electrical safety for...

IEC PAS 63166 - Zhaga interface specification book 1 and book 7
April 1, 2018 - IEC

This Book 7 defines LED Modules, which can be fixed in a Luminaire. This document defines: Ten categories of the rectangular shaped LED Modules. Luminaires that provide the appropriate environment for the Book-7 LED Module(s). Book 7 LED Modules are intended to be installed and replaced by...

IEC PAS 63151 - Measurement procedure for the assessment of specific absorption rate of human exposure to radio frequency fields from hand-held and body-mounted wireless communication devices – Vector measurement-based systems (Frequency range of 30 MHz to 6 GHz)
January 1, 2018 - IEC

This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) specifies protocols and test procedures for the reproducible measurement of the peak spatial-average specific absorption rate (psSAR) induced inside a simplified model of the head or the body by radio-frequency (RF) transmitting devices, with a defined...

ISO PAS 21195 - Ships and marine technology - Systems for the detection of persons while going overboard from ships (Man overboard detection)
January 1, 2018 - ISO

This document specifies technical requirements for systems designed to detect a person who has gone overboard from a passenger ship. This document addresses how a system is expected to perform in various environmental conditions and a wide variety of incident profiles. This document does not cover...

CI/CHLOR PAMPHLET 9 - Chlorine Vaporizing Systems
January 1, 2018 - CI/CHLOR

This pamphlet is intended to assist in the selection, design, safe operation and maintenance of chlorine vaporizer systems. It is limited to those who receive liquid chlorine in cylinders, ton containers, via pipeline, in cargo tanks or tank cars and who will vaporize liquid for ultimate use of the...

IEC PAS 61076-3-126 - Connectors for electrical and electronic equipment – Product requirements – Part 3-126: Rectangular connectors – Detail specification for 5 pole power connectors for industrial environments with push-pull locking
January 1, 2018 - IEC

This document covers rectangular IP65/IP67 connectors with 5 poles for electric power supply up to 16 A. These connectors consist of fixed and free connectors, either rewirable or nonrewirable (for both portions). It uses the general function principles of the push-pull connector housing system...

CI/CHLOR PAMPHLET 21 - Nitrogen Trichloride - A Collection of Reports and Papers
November 1, 2017 - CI/CHLOR
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CI/CHLOR PAMPHLET 17 - Packaging Plant Safety and Operational Guidelines
November 1, 2017 - CI/CHLOR

The purpose of this pamphlet is primarily to provide both operational recommendations and safety information for employees at facilities that package 100 lb. (45 kg) and 150 lb. (68 kg) cylinders and ton containers (907 kg) of chlorine. The members of The Chlorine Institute have developed these...

IEC PAS 63131 - System control diagram
November 1, 2017 - IEC

This PAS is intended to cover functional as well as drawing related requirements for use of SCDs.