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IEEE C57.98 - Guide for Transformer Impulse Tests
December 11, 2011 - IEEE

To aid in the interpretation and application of the impulse testing requirements of the IEEE Standard Test Codes for Transformers. Purpose This guide is written primarily for power transformers, but it is also generally applicable to distribution and instrument...

IEEE C57.123 - Guide for Transformer Loss Measurement
June 17, 2010 - IEEE

This guide provides background information and general recommendations of instrumentation, circuitry, calibration, and measurement techniques of no-load losses (excluding auxiliary losses), excitation current, and load losses of power and distribution transformers. The test codes, namely,...

IEEE C57.12.39 - Requirements for Distribution Transformer Tank Pressure Coordination
December 6, 2017 - IEEE

This standard covers certain mechanical requirements for liquid-immersed distribution transformers with respect to tank strength, as well as static and dynamic tank pressure mitigation. This standard can be applied to various tank configurations for distribution transformers. This...

IEEE C57.13.6 - Standard for High-Accuracy Instrument Transformers
September 22, 2005 - IEEE

This standard defines one new 0.15 accuracy class for voltage transformers, two new 0.15 accuracy classes for current transformers, two new current transformer burdens, and two new current transformer routine accuracy test methods. These supplement IEEE Std C57...

IEEE C57.12.59 - Guide for Dry-Type Transformer Through-Fault Current Duration
September 3, 2015 - IEEE

This guide for dry-type transformer through-fault current duration applies to dry-type distribution and power transformers built in accordance with IEEE Std C57.12.01™.1 Purpose This guide sets forth recommendations believed essential for the application of overcurrent...

IEEE C57.144 - Guide for Metric Conversion of Transformer Standards
June 24, 2004 - IEEE

The intent of this guide is to assist the working groups within the IEEE Transformers Committee; thus, specific examples were taken from the transformer-related standards. It should be recognized that identification of general principles and procedures could have broader...

IEEE C57.109 - Guide for Liquid-Immersed Transformer Through-Fault-Current Duration
September 27, 2018 - IEEE

This guide applies to transformers referenced in IEEE Std C57.12.00 as Categories I, II, III, and IV.1 It sets forth recommendations essential for the application of overcurrent protective devices applied to limit the exposure time of transformers to short-circuit currents (see...

IEEE C57.13.3 - Guide for Grounding of Instrument Transformer Secondary Circuits and Cases
December 10, 2014 - IEEE

This guide contains general and specific recommendations for grounding current and voltage transformer secondary circuits and cases of connected equipment. The practices recommended apply to all transformers of this type, including capacitive voltage transformers and linear...

IEEE C57.12.37 - The Electronic Reporting of Distribution Transformer Test Data
September 3, 2015 - IEEE

This standard provides a basis for electronic reporting of transformer test data on liquid-immersed distribution transformers. This standard defines how to format and report the standard test data when electronic reporting is specified. In addition, it defines an...

ANSI C57.12.55 - Transformers Used in Unit Installations, Including Unit SubstationsConformance Standard
January 1, 1987 - IEEE

Foreword (This Foreword is not part of Amencan National Standard C57.12.55-1987.) The High Voltage Apparatus Coordinating Committee (HVACC) was established July 24, 1972 by the Electrical and Electronic Technical Advisory Board (now superseded by the Electrical and Electronic...

September 5, 2013 - DOD

This drawing describes the requirements for a low power pulse transformer. This drawing provides for a level of transformer quality and reliability assurance for acquisition of type TP7SXNNNNKZ low power pulse transformer in accordance with MIL-PRF-21038.

IEEE 1388 - Standard for the Electronic Reporting of Transformer Test Data
December 7, 2000 - IEEE

This standard provides a basis for electronic reporting of transformer test data on liquid immersed distribution transformers, specifically, those defined in the ANSI C57.12.2X standards series. This standard defines the standard set of test data to be reported and the format...

IEEE 295 - Standard for Electronics Power Transformers
January 1, 1969 - IEEE

FOREWORD The Electronics Transformer Technical Committee for several years has been working towards the generation of a Standard for electronics purpose power transformers even while under AIEE auspices. Earlier attempts seemed to parallel the distribution and power transformer...

IEEE C57.139 - Guide for Dissolved Gas Analysis in Transformer Load Tap Changers
December 5, 2015 - IEEE

This guide discusses and recommends methods of testing and evaluating dissolved gases in mineral based transformer oils found in load tap changers (LTCs). General types of LTC mechanisms, breathing configurations, and electrical design will be included for evaluation criteria in determining...

IEEE C57.19.01 - Performance Characteristics and Dimensions for Power Transformer and Reactor Bushings
December 6, 2017 - IEEE

This standard covers electrical, dimensional, and related requirements for outdoor power apparatus bushings that have basic impulse insulation levels (BILs) of 150 kV and above. It provides specific values for dimensional and related requirements that are to be interpreted, measured, or tested in...

IEEE C57.110 - Recommended Practice for Establishing Liquid Immersed and Dry-Type Power and Distribution Transformer Capability when Supplying Nonsinusoidal Load Currents
June 14, 2018 - IEEE

This recommended practice applies only to two winding transformers covered by IEEE Std C57.12.00, IEEE Std C57.12.01, and NEMA ST20.1 It does not apply to rectifier transformers.2 Purpose The purpose of this document is to establish uniform methods for determining the...

IEEE PC57.105 DRAFT - Draft Guide for for Application of Transformer Connections in Three Phase Electrical Systems
September 1, 2018 - IEEE

This guide describes transformer connections and configurations in three-phase electrical systems, the characteristics of these various connections, and the possible operating problems under normal or abnormal conditions. All combinations of Delta and Wye, grounded and ungrounded, T...

Transformer Design Principles
August 22, 2017 - CRC

In the newest edition, the reader will learn the basics of transformer design, starting from fundamental principles and ending with advanced model simulations. The electrical, mechanical, and thermal considerations that go into the design of a transformer are discussed with useful...

June 21, 1968 - IEEE
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