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ASTM D6735 - Standard Test Method for Measurement of Gaseous Chlorides and Fluorides from Mineral Calcining Exhaust Sources—Impinger Method
December 10, 2001 - ASTM

This method will measure the concentration of gaseous hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids, and other gaseous chlorides and fluorides that pass through a particulate matter filter maintained at 177°C (350°F). This method is specific for sampling combustion effluent from mineral calcining...

ISO 10143 - Carbonaceous materials for the production of aluminium - Calcined coke for electrodes - Determination of the electrical resistivity of granules
June 15, 2014 - ISO

This International Standard specifies a method for the determination of the electrical resistivity of granular carbon (calcined or graphitized) used in the manufacture of carbon electrodes for the production of aluminium. The measurement of electrical resistivity assists in assessing the...

DS/EN ISO 3262-22 - Extenders for paints - Specifications and methods of test - Part 22: Flux-calcined kieselguhr
November 23, 2001 - DS

This part of EN ISO 3262 specifies requirements and corresponding methods of test for flux-calcined kieselguhr.

DS/EN ISO 3262-9 - Extenders for paints - Specifications and methods of test - Part 9: Calcined clay
August 10, 1998 - DS

This part of the standard specifies the requirements and the corresponding methods of test for calcined clay.

December 1, 1991 - FORD

1. SCOPE: The material defined by this standard is a flux calcined siliceous earth of medium particle size.

February 1, 1981 - FORD

The material desired under this standard is a refractory material, generally cansisting of fuzed or calcined alumina with suitable bonding agents.

TAPPI TIP 0416-24 - Energy checklist: pulp mill
January 1, 2015 - TAPPI

This Technical Information Paper provides an energy checklist for the pulp mill: from digesters through the washers, refining, defibering, screening, and bleaching, plus evaporators, recovery boilers, caustic area, and lime calciners for the liquor. This comprehensive list contains concise...

JIS S 6009 - Chalks
February 20, 2013 - JSA

This Standard specifies chalks made of calcined plaster and calcium carbonate to be used on a blackboard (hereafter referred to as "chalks"). In addition, chalks include those surface treated in order to prevent hands from getting dirty and those contain recycled materials.

ASTM D6791 - Standard Test Method for Determination of Grain Stability of Calcined Petroleum Coke
June 1, 2011 - ASTM

This test method covers a laboratory vibration mill method for the determination of the grain stability of calcined petroleum coke for the manufacture of carbon products used in the smelting of aluminum. Calcined petroleum coke with poor mechanical strength may become degraded during...

AASHTO M 295 - Standard Specification for Coal Fly Ash and Raw or Calcined Natural Pozzolan for Use in Concrete
January 1, 2011 - AASHTO

This specification covers coal fly ash and raw or calcined natural pozzolan for use in concrete where cementitious or pozzolanic action, or both, is desired or where other properties normally attributed to finely divided coal fly ash and raw or calcined natural pozzolans may be...

ASTM D5187 - Standard Test Method for Determination of Crystallite Size (Lc) of Calcined Petroleum Coke by X-Ray Diffraction
May 1, 2010 - ASTM

This test method covers the determination of the mean crystallite thickness of a representative, pulverized sample of calcined petroleum coke by interpretation of a X-ray diffraction pattern produced through conventional X-ray scanning techniques. Calcined petroleum coke contains...

ASTM D3722 - Standard Specification for Natural Red and Brown Iron Oxide Pigments
September 1, 2005 - ASTM

This specification covers dry and wet ground naturally occurring iron oxide, dry and wet ground calcined naturally occurring iron oxide, and mixtures of these with synthetic iron oxides. These pigments are suitable for use in paints, coatings, and many other applications.

ASTM D3619 - Standard Specification for Aluminum Silicate Pigments (Anhydrous)
November 10, 1977 - ASTM

This specification covers the white pigments that consist substantially of anhydrous (calcined) natural aluminum silicates (of the 1+1 layer type) and are restricted to those minerals which conform to the chemical compositional limits prescribed herein and which can be suitably processed to...

BS 776-2 - Specification for materials for magnesium oxychloride (magnesite) flooring. Part 2: Metric units
July 31, 1972 - BSI

Calcined magnesite (quality, colour, composition, fineness, setting time, strength, linear change), magnesium chloride (quality, composition), wood flour and sawdust (quality, moisture content, resin, fineness), aggregates and fillers (quality, maximum particle size), and pigments. Includes...

SNZ NZS 3122 - Specification for Portland and blended cements (General and special purpose)
August 31, 2009 - SNZ

This Standard specifies requirements and methods of test for hydraulic cements consisting of Portland cement or of mixtures of Portland cement and one or more of fly ash, ground granulated iron blast-furnace slag, amorphous silica or pozzolan (natural or calcined). It does not purport to...

ASTM D8097 - Standard Test Method for Determination of Bulk Density for Specific Size Fractions of Calcined Petroleum Coke Using a Transaxial Pressure Pycnometer
January 1, 2017 - ASTM

The test method covers the determination of bulk density for a specific size fraction of calcined petroleum coke using an automated pycnometer that compacts coke by applying transaxial pressure under a controlled force. The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as standard. No other...

ASTM C59 - Standard Specification for Gypsum Casting Plaster and Gypsum Molding Plaster
December 10, 1995 - ASTM

1. Scope * 1.1 This specification covers gypsum casting plaster and gypsum molding plaster materials consisting essentially of calcined gypsum. 1.2 The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as the standard. The SI equivalents of inch-pound units shown are approximate. 1.3 The...

ASTM D5370 - Standard Specification for Pozzolanic Blended Materials in Construction Applications
May 1, 2014 - ASTM

This specification covers pozzolanic blended material for use in construction applications where the properties normally attributed to coal fly ash and raw or calcined pozzolans, like silica fume, and slag cement. The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as the standard. The values...

ISO 2926 - Aluminium oxide used for the production of primary aluminium - Particle size analysis for the range 45 μm to 150 μm - Method using electroformed sieves
September 1, 2013 - ISO

This International Standard specifies a dry sieve method using electroformed sieves for determining the mass distribution of the particle sizes in aluminium oxide used for the production of primary aluminium. This method is applicable to calcined aluminium oxide containing a maximum of 20 %...